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What Is Taylor Hanson's Net Worth?

Taylor Hanson is an American musician who has a net worth of $10 million. Taylor Hanson earned his net worth through his music career, most memorably as a member of the band Hanson, which he formed with his brothers Isaac and Zac in 1992. The Grammy-nominated band has released 11 studio albums, including "Middle of Nowhere" (1997), "This Time Around" (2000), "Shout It Out" (2010), "String Theory" (2018), and "Red Green Blue" (2022), and Taylor is the group's vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and guitarist.

Hanson's 1997 single "MMMBop" was a massive hit, reaching #1 on the charts in more than a dozen countries and going Platinum or higher in seven countries. The band also had top 10 hits with the singles "Where's the Love," "I Will Come to You," "Thinking of You," and "If Only." Hanson has sold more than 16 million albums, and the brothers formed their own record label, 3CG Records, in 2003. Their hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma, celebrates "Hanson Day" every year on May 6th, the anniversary of the release of their first album, "Middle of Nowhere." Taylor was also a member of the band Tinted Windows alongside James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, and Bun E. Carlos, and they released a self-titled album in 2009.

Early Life

Taylor Hanson was born Jordan Taylor Hanson on March 14, 1983, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the son of Diana Frances Lawyer and Clarke Walker Hanson, and he has six siblings, Zac, Isaac, Jessica, Joshua, Avery, and Zoe.


Taylor, Isaac, and Zac formed Hanson in 1992, and they released the independent albums "Boomerang (1995) and "MMMBop" (1996). After Mercury Records A&R representative Steve Greenberg saw the band perform at the Wisconsin State Fair, they were signed to the label, and they released the album "Middle of Nowhere" on May 6, 1997. The album reached the top 10 on the charts in more than 20 countries, and it was certified 5× Platinum in Australia and Canada, 4× Platinum in the U.S., 3× Platinum in New Zealand, and 2× Platinum in Belgium. The single "MMMBop" topped the charts in several countries and went 2× Platinum in Australia and Platinum in Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. The song was included on VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of the 90s" and "100 Greatest Songs of the Past 25 Years." "Middle of Nowhere" also featured the singles "Where's the Love," "I Will Come to You," "Weird," and "Thinking of You," and "Where's the Love" and "I Will Come to You" were both certified Platinum in Australia. The band followed "Middle of Nowhere" with the 1997 holiday album "Snowed In," which reached #1 on the "Billboard" Top Holiday Albums chart and #7 on the "Billboard" 200 chart. In 2000, Hanson released the album "This Time Around," and it reached #2 on the charts in Australia and Canada and went Platinum in Australia, Gold in New Zealand, and Silver in the U.K. The single "If Only" was a top 10 hit in Australia, Finland, Italy, and Spain, and it was certified Gold in Australia.

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Next, Hanson released 2004's "Underneath," 2007's "The Walk," 2010's "Shout It Out," and 2013's "Anthem," and "Penny & Me" from "Underneath" reached the top 10 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 Singles Sales chart, UK Independent Singles Chart, UK Singles Chart, and Scottish Singles Chart. In 2017, they released another holiday album, "Finally It's Christmas," which peaked at #3 on the "Billboard" Top Holiday Albums chart, #4 on the New Zealand Heatseeker Albums chart, and #7 on the Australian Albums chart. In 2018, Hanson released the album "String Theory," followed by "Against the World" in 2021 and "Red Green Blue" in 2022. They have also released the live albums "Live from Albertane" (1998), "The Best of Hanson: Live & Electric" (2005), "Middle of Nowhere Acoustic" (2007), and "Facing the Blank Page – Live" (2012), and "Live from Albertane" was certified Gold in the U.S. In 2021, Hanson became the first band to compete on the Fox reality singing competition "The Masked Singer."

Personal Life

Taylor marriedNatalie Anne Bryant on June 8, 2002. The couple has welcomed seven children together, Jordan (born October 31, 2002), Penelope (born April 19, 2005), River (born September 4, 2006), Viggo (born December 9, 2008), Wilhelmina (born October 2, 2012), Claude (born December 26, 2018), and Maybellene (born December 7, 2020). In 2014, Hanson established the volunteer organization Food on the Move to "transform food deserts and the legacy issues created by living food-insecure through community partnership, education, and innovative solutions." In 2021, he contributed the song "Sound Like Joy" to an album for "The Sound of Black Wall Street" project. The album paid homage to the Tulsa race massacre, which took place in 1921 and resulted in dozens of deaths; the exact number is not known, but the 2001 Tulsa Reparations Coalition confirmed 39 deaths and estimated that the death toll may have actually been between 75 and 300.

Awards and Nominations

In 1998, Hanson earned three Grammy nominations: Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for "MMMBop" and Best New Artist. The band won an MTV Europe Music Award for "Best Song" in 1997, and around that time they also received a Denmark GAFFA Award for Best New Act, a Japan Gold Disc Award for New Artist of the Year, an ECHO Award for Best International Newcomer, and a World Music Award for World's Best Selling New Artist. In 1998, they won Kids' Choice Awards for Favorite Music Group and Favorite Song for "MMMBop," and they earned NARM Awards for Best Selling Holiday Album for "Snowed In" and Best Selling Music Video for "Live from Albertane." In 2005, Hanson received an MTV Video Music Brazil nomination for Best International Video for "Penny & Me," and in 2012, they earned a Lunas del Auditorio nomination for Best Foreign Pop Artist.


Taylor Hanson Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth (2024)
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